Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners: Defence Against Money Laundering (29 July 2021) (Updated 3 November 2021)


**UPDATE (3 November 2021)**

This guidance relates to DAML requests on truly urgent insolvency matters where there is an intrinsic urgency for an IP to fulfil their duties towards creditors. This guidance also addresses situations where multiple DAML requests are necessary. As a matter of goodwill, the National Crime Agency (‘NCA’) have agreed to prioritise DAMLs in certain truly urgent insolvency cases, but it is important that this escalation process is reserved for only the most urgent of DAML requests and it does not represent an overall change in the statutory timescales to which the NCA operate.


The guidance is equally applicable for all IPs regardless of their authorising body.


**The CCAB have now adopted and published the guidance which is available on their website at the link below. 


Defence Against Money Laundering (‘DAML’) requests and Insolvency Practitioners - CCAB


This is therefore branded the same as the main CCAB AML guidance for the accountancy sector which shows it is applicable across the sector.**




Defence Against Money Laundering. Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners 29 July 2021 - Size: 246Kb Download
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