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The UK's insolvency and restructuring framework plays a key role in creating the confidence and public trust which underpin trading, lending and investment. The different parts of the framework are explained in these pages.

An R3 guide to insolvency from a creditor's perspective can be found here 

CORPORATE insolvency procedures

The UK's corporate insolvency framework includes a number of procedures which help insolvent companies repay their creditors, and can help rescue businesses and jobs.

PERSONAL insolvency procedures

The UK's personal insolvency framework is designed to help people repay their creditors using a procedure which is appropriate to their situation.

the insolvency framework

Find out about key roles in the UK's insolvency and restructuring framework, and how key decisions are made.


R3 members can work with companies outside of insolvency procedures to ensure that their business remains in good financial health.


R3 members can provide advice on a range of business and personal finance issues. To find an R3 member who can help you, click below.