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The Richard Turton Award

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The Richard Turton Award

R3 is proud to be a partner in the Richard Turton Award, which provides an opportunity for an insolvency and restructuring professional aged 35 or under from a developing nation to publish a paper on an issue relating to the profession, and present it at INSOL Europe Congress as a guest of the Associations.

The award is presented in memory of Richard Turton, an insolvency practitioner who played a key role in the formation of R3, INSOL, INSOL Europe and the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association, in recognition of his contribution to the profession and his role in the creation of the associations.


Richard Turton Award Winner 2023

2023 winner: Marinela Majnova

The winner of the 2023 Richard Turton award is Marinela Majnova from North Macedonia, who is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business.

Marinela's prize-winning proposal was for a paper on "Consumer Bankruptcy and the Western Balkan Countries: why do they need it?", which can be read here

Marinela has also been invited to attend the INSOL Europe conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in October of this year, as a guest of the associations.

Past Winners

2022: Kayode Olude - Quest for EU harmonisation of cross-border insolvency rules between EU and Non-EU countries; challenges and prospects.

2021: Abbas Abbasov - Protection of dissenting creditors' interests: Direct application of the "substantive fairness" test while considering the recognition of foreign restructuring plans 

2020: Carla Cervantes - Necessary reforms: Adaptation of insolvency regimes in Latin America due to the crisis

2019: Odwa Ngxingo - Attitudes towards investing capital in restructuring and turnaround situations, and the multiplier effects deriving therefrom

2018: Yutong Zhang - Blockchain: A Chance for Turnaround Procedure Modernization

2017: Bingdao Wang - Belt and Road: Is it an Opportunity for a Regional Insolvency Solution?

2016: Róbert Muzsalyi - Directors' liability: what should be the minimum harmonisation in the EU?

2015: Waiswa Abudu-Salam - Insolvency Proceedings: A double Edged Debt Collection Tool

2014: Anant Khandelwal - The Phenomenon of Corporate Debt Restructuring in India: How Far Can It Go To Prevent Insolvency?

2013: Danuta Brzezinska - Actio Pauliana of the bankruptcy receiver within or outside the bankruptcy proceedings?

2012: Edvins Draba - Modernizing Insolvency Law in Latvia:

2011: leva Baranauskaite - The Growing Business phenomenon of "Fraudulent Bankruptcy"

2010: Maurycy Organa - Abuse of insolvency proceedings in Poland by a creditor to exert pressure on the debtor. Remedies for the entity declared bankrupt as a result of a malicious motion

2009: Yana Hankovic - The Legal Position of an Assignee in Assignor's Insolvency

2008: Tang Liangyuian - New Issues in Chinese Enterprise Bankruptcy Law

2007: Yanna Bakulina - Protection of Employees' Rights in Insolvency

2006: Jelena Marjanovic - Bankruptcy of Socially Owned Enterprises in Republic of Serbia

2005: Lavinia-Olivia Aspru - The Liability Regime in the Insolvency Procedure from Romania


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