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Work for R3 and be part of a team that protects and promotes the UK's insolvency and restructuring profession. We are a thriving, inclusive organisation at the heart of the insolvency and restructuring profession. We provide a voice for our members, deliver first class professional courses, conferences and events and relevant and timely technical support and guidance.

For more information please email r3jobs@r3.org.uk.

R3 Chief Executive Officer
We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer (‘CEO’) to lead our focused and engaged team of 22 individuals. As the CEO you will be responsible for the supervision, development, and direction of the overall business strategy with between 4 & 6 direct reports. Your role is crucial to the success of our member driven organisation and you will need to motivate staff to innovate and deliver a consistent world class member experience.
R3 Senior Independent Director
As the organisation commences a search for a permanent CEO, ExCo have considered several ways to mitigate risks and to provide consistent support, guidance, and supervision of the incoming CEO.

R3 members can provide advice on a range of business and personal finance issues. To find an R3 member who can help you, click below.