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An Overview of Digital Assets (December 2023)
The digital universe is vast and ever-changing in this modern world. This overview of ‘Digital Assets’ intends to provide members with an understanding of the meaning of this, often complex, type of asset, and how an officeholder may wish to approach this asset in an insolvency scenario.
UKJT Legal Statement on Digital Assets and English Insolvency Law (April 2024)
Legal Statement on Digital Assets and English Insolvency Law - The Legal Statement addresses the way in which English insolvency law applies to digital assets. The Legal Statement concludes, amongst other things, that digital assets fall within the definition of property in the English Insolvency Act 1986, and that proprietary rights can be retained to digital assets held by insolvent estates. A valid statutory demand cannot yet, however, be served in respect of a debt of a digital asset.
UKJT Legal statement on cryptoassets and smart contracts (November 2019)
A legal statement on cryptoassets as tradable property and smart contracts as enforceable agreements under English law.
UKJT Legal statement on digital securities
A legal statement on the issuance and transfer of equity or debt securities using a system deploying blockchain or DLT under English law.