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About R3


What R3 Does

Members of the insolvency and restructuring profession protect and restore value at all levels of the UK’s economy. Their expertise promotes economic regeneration, resolves financial distress for businesses and individuals, saves jobs, and creates the confidence and public trust which underpin trading, lending and investment.

R3 protects and promotes the environment and strong restructuring and insolvency framework required to enable our members to fulfil their vital role in the economy and in society.

  • R3 is a home for our community of members throughout their careers. You can find details of your local R3 network and events here, as well as information about how R3 supports its members in smaller practices or who specialise in restructuring.
  • We give our members a united voice on the issues and legislation which affect them and the hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals with whom they work. We strive to ensure that the work and value of our members is publicly recognised, understood and appreciated. You can see details of our government and press work here.
  • R3 brings the profession together to collaborate and share expertise. You can see details of our research here, our events here, and how to get involved in R3's committees here.
  • R3 supports career-long learning and helps raise standards across the profession. You can see details of R3's courses here, and you can find our technical library here.

R3 is the thriving, inclusive organisation at the heart of the UK's insolvency and restructuring profession. We are the association which embraces the entire community of professionals within the UK restructuring and insolvency world, whatever the size of their practice, their experience or their specialism. We play a leading role in ensuring the UK remains a global centre for resolving financial distress, promoting economic regeneration, and maintaining integrity in our framework.

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Further Information & Articles

R3 members can provide advice on a range of business and personal finance issues. To find an R3 member who can help you, click below.