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Hearings before Insolvency and Companies Court Judges
Hearings before Insolvency and Companies Court Judges

Hearings before Insolvency and Companies Court Judges

"During the period where restrictive travel, social distancing and other urgent measures are in force hearings currently listed will generally, and as far as practicable progress remotely. Where hearings are currently listed the Applicant/Respondent/Claimant must contact the court as soon as reasonably practicable to inform it if an adjournment is required or if the parties wish for the hearing to progress remotely. Arrangements for a remote hearing will be made where practicable.

The court is experiencing a high volume of urgent applications, and priority will be given to these. If your matter is urgent please e-mail . Details of how to arrange and conduct an urgent hearing can be found in a temporary practice direction which will be published on the judicial website You will need to provide the Court with all parties e-mail addresses to that a Skype hearing can be arranged.

The winding up list will be conducted by Skype or BTMeetMe telephone call. The onus is on the Petitioning Creditor to keep the debtor informed of the hearing and the remote hearing arrangements.

Generally a skype hearing will be the remote hearing of choice. If skype is not possible, for example litigants in person do not often have skype, a telephone hearing can be set up. It is the responsibility of parties to arrange this with their telephone provider. Once the telephone hearing has been arranged (after agreeing the date and time for hearing with the court) the dial in number should be provided so that this can be passed on to the judge assigned to the hearing.

Thank you for your understanding and patience."




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