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Companies House - Resuming compulsory strike-off (non-compliant route)

Message from Companies House - 

"In April, Companies House introduced temporary measures to support businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. The changes primarily affected the strike-off and late filing penalties processes. We have previously informed you that the voluntary strike-off process will resume on 10 September and from 10 October, we will be resuming action to strike off and dissolve companies through the compulsory strike off route. For companies which are late filing their accounts and/ or confirmation statement, we will continue to send two requesting such throughout the pausing of the strike off process. From 10 October, if the company has still not filed the relevant documentation, further strike-off action will be taken including the publishing of Gazette notices as per normal procedure. Further information can be found at the following link:
We will continue to review the other easements we introduced on a monthly basis and communicate any changes on the Companies House website before they happen.
Upload a Document 
Just a reminder that we are continually updating our temporary filing service where you can now upload a variety of forms – further details can be found here:
As always, please contact your Customer Care Manager with any specific queries you may have but we shall update you as and when changes are made to our services."


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