Department for Work and Pensions - Support for Insolvency Practitioners (3 August 2021)


A message from the Department of Work and Pensions - 


Redundancies are challenging for everyone involved. But individuals affected by redundancy can use our services free of charge to get support and useful information through our ‘Rapid Response Service (RRS)’.


This is a redundancy service designed to give both employers and employees support and advice. We can provide a tailored package of support through our network of partners, and may include some of the following:


• helping people facing redundancy to construct CVs and find jobs

• helping people identify their transferable skills and training needs

• providing training to help people develop vocational skills

• providing general information about benefits

• helping with costs like travel to work expenses


We can help co-ordinate the redundancy support across England, Scotland and Wales.


If you need to get in touch with Jobcentre Plus to discuss the redundancy support available please contact us as soon as people are ‘at risk’ of redundancy or during the period of notice. You can email the DWP at: [email protected] and we will connect you to either a  National Redundancy Co-ordinator or the relevant Redundancy Co-ordinator in the area where redundancies are being made. We will also provide you with the latest Redundancy Factsheets for you to issue.