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Cross-border Insolvencies: Recognition and Enforcement in EU Member States from 1 January 2021
The Insolvency Service has now published guidance for insolvency officeholders containing some basic information regarding the applicable frameworks in the different EU member states, as a starting point towards seeking recognition for UK insolvency proceedings and dealing with assets in the EU.
Brexit: End of the Road…(December 2020)
On 31 January 2020 the United Kingdom left the European Union and entered into a transition period with the EU under the Withdrawal Agreement. This technical note highlights the immediate implications of the loss of automatic recognition, and the options available for insolvency professionals post-31 December 2020.
Brexit: Impact on cross-border corporate recovery and insolvency from 31 January 2020
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law is the core legal body of the United Nations system in the field of international trade law. A legal body with universal membership specializing in commercial law reform worldwide for over 50 years, UNCITRAL's business is the modernization and harmonization of rules on international business.
EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings
This document is meant purely as a documentation tool and the institutions do not assume any liability for its contents. B COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000
The Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006
On 30th May 1997 the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”)adopted the text of a model law on cross-border insolvency, which was approved by a resolutionof the United Nations General Assembly on 15th December 1997. These Regulations give effect tothe model law in Great Britain.
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