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The Straight Forward Consumer IVA Protocol - Version 2014


Straight forward consumer individual voluntary arrangement hereinafter referred to as a Protocol Compliant Individual Voluntary Arrangement (PCIVA)


Purpose of the protocol

1.1       The purpose of the protocol is to facilitate the efficient handling of straightforward consumer individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) (as described below). The protocol recognises that the IVA supports a valid public policy objective by providing debt relief for individuals in financial distress. It also recognises that at the centre of this process there is a person, who needs to understand the process and the associated paperwork and the impact that the IVA will have on their lives. 


Scope of the protocol

2.1       The protocol is a voluntary agreement, which provides an agreed standard framework for dealing with straightforward consumer IVAs and applies to both IVA providers and creditors. By accepting the content of the protocol, IVA providers and creditors agree to follow the processes and agreed documentation that forms part of the protocol.  IVA providers indicate their acceptance of the content of the protocol by drawing up a proposal based on the standard documentation, and which states that it follows the protocol.  Creditors are expected to abide by the terms of the protocol in relation to proposals drawn up on that basis.


2.2       Creditors who are members of the British Bankers' Association have indicated their support for the protocol process in a letter attached at Annex 1.  A list of BBA members can be found at


2.3       It is accepted that an IVA is a regulated process under statute, which requires certain work to be undertaken, which may have a cost unconnected with the size of the IVA.


2.4       The protocol does not override the regulatory framework relevant to each party (Annex 2).


2.5       For the avoidance of doubt, IVA provider means both insolvency practitioners and IVA provider firms employing insolvency practitioners. References to creditor in this protocol refer to both creditors and the agents who vote on their behalf and act in accordance with their instructions in relation to an IVA.


2.6       The efficient operation of the protocol will be monitored and reviewed by a standing committee. The standing committee is a representative group, its membership reflecting the participants in the IVA process (debtor, creditor, IP, regulatory bodies and government). The terms of reference of the standing committee and details of its current membership are attached at (Annex 3). The committee's role will include communication and consultation, where necessary, on future developments on the IVA protocol. 




The Straight Forward Consumer IVA Protocol 2014 Version Applies to IVAs entered into from 1 January 2014 1 - Size: 133Kb Download