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John Harvey - The Samphire Club

Adam Loveitt

John Harvey - Founder, Samphire Club

Club founder, John Harvey established Samphire in 2016 in the belief that anyone can build a network that will sustain them through life’s ups and downs, serve them well at work and at play and, very importantly, have an enormous amount of fun along the way.

The majority of his 30-year career had been spent in the corporate world, primarily logistics, but it was always his interest in people that came first: “I recognised, very early on, that no matter what business you're in, success is built on the relationships you develop with the people you meet.”

The Samphire Club sees him combine his business development experience and extensive bank of contacts with an unmistakable flair for curating memorable and valuable gatherings. An expert in the area of business networking, John is much in demand as a speaker and consultant, publishing his book, ‘For the Love of Networking: How to put successful networking at the heart of your business and life’, in June 2022.

31 January 2024

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