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Jennifer Newstead Taylor - 18 St John Street Chambers

Jennifer Newstead Taylor

Jennifer Newstead Taylor - Barrister, 18 St John Street Chambers

Jennifer Newstead Taylor specialises in Business and Property with a specific emphasis on Insolvency, Tax and Commercial Litigation.


Jennifer has a wide range of advisory and advocacy experience in both personal and corporate insolvency.

Corporate Insolvency setting aside statutory demands, contested winding up petitions, injunctions restraining presentation and/or advertisement of petitions, transaction avoidance, s.216 applications (prohibited names), administration orders and extensions of administration orders and directors disqualifications.

Personal Insolvency bankruptcy orders following failed IVAs, contested bankruptcy petitions, annulment applications, suspensions of discharge, bankruptcy restriction orders, orders for possession and sale and transaction avoidance.


Jennifer conducts interim and final MTIC tribunal hearings and successfully represented the Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the case of:

H S Tank & Sons Ltd v Revenue & Customs Commissioners (2012) [2013] UKFTT 777 (TC)

She also undertakes VAT tribunal hearings on substantive issues and costs.


Jennifer’s commercial practice involves advisory and advocacy work across all aspects of the commercial arena. Jennifer regularly acts in contractual disputes ranging from banking disputes, the sale and supply of goods, construction contracts, debt and consumer credit.


Away from work, Jennifer enjoys literature, theatre, cinema and sport although her young children ensure that most of her ‘free’ time is otherwise occupied.