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Debi Harvey - Harveys Insolvency and Turnaround

Debi Harvey

Debi Harvey - Director, Harveys Insolvency and Turnaround

Who is Debi Harvey professionally?

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over 30 years in the industry. Having trained at one of the big 3, she gained valuable experience with the Insolvency Services during a secondment & has extensive experience across every turnaround & insolvency procedure available in the UK. 

But what makes Debi unique?

Debi uses ‘we’ a lot when she talks to clients, she immediately adopts your problems as her own & is like a dog with a bone until she solves them.  She is of the opinion that, for some, the loss of a business is a bereavement & she endeavours to make sure that she can preserve everyone’s wellbeing whilst establishing a successful outcome & meeting legal requirements.

In her free time…

Debi is mum to a teenager. Her spare time is spent satisfying her wanderlust & crossing life experiences off her bucket list at every opportunity; she is actively training to become Britain’s foremost unofficial Gin expert! 

What you would not know from her picture

Debi has shared a sauna with Lewis Hamilton & various members of the England Rugby team - yes all at once!