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Aidan Larkin - Asset Reality

Aidan Larkin

Aidan Larkin
CEO, Asset Reality Ltd

Aidan Larkin is an Asset Management Consultant, Lecturer and Founder of Asset Reality Ltd (established May 2020). During his time at Wilsons Auctions as Asset Recovery Director, he ran the world's first series of seized crypto auctions and managed a multi million pound portfolio of criminal’s seized and confiscated assets spread around the world (as featured on BBC1’s “Ill Gotten Gains” & ITV1’s “Police, Camera Auction”. A former criminal investigator, Aidan's background in asset recovery also includes presenting to global regulators and representing the private sector in front of intergovernmental agencies such as OECD, UN and FATF on best practices in seized asset management.

A visiting lecturer at the International Anti Corruption Academy in Vienna on managing complex assets such as cryptocurrency, he also works with law enforcement agencies and governments directly on an advisory basis and continues to act as asset management consultant on some of the worlds largest and most high profile fraud and corruption cases. 

Aidan also hosts the new podcast “Inside Asset Recovery” which explores the latest Asset Recovery news and topics around the world interviewing experts, academics, investigators and practitioners to increase awareness of the industry with the general public and policymakers.

02 July 2020

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