Back issues 2014

Winter 2014
Recovery Winter 2014
  • Licenced brand rights in insolvency: There are two sides to the licencing coin
  • The REAL story of a business: Considering metrics in the leisure industry
  • Solutions in the licences trade: What to do when time is called on licensed premises
  • The final whistle: Community sports and social clubs in distress
  • Arms, IPs and the sea: Dealing with licensed weaponry when a private maritime security company fails
  • The challenges facing IPs: In the glare of the spotlight
  • What's to come in the year ahead? President Giles Frampton on ensuring the UK insolvency regime remains world leading and trusted
  • Interview with Duncan Grubb: The chair of the British Property Federation's Insolvency Committee talks landlord, CVAs and maintaining goodwill towards all IPs
Autumn 2014
Recovery Autumn 2014
  • Planning a CVA: 10 key factors you need to consider
  • Pre-packs: The backdoor to UK insolvency regimes?
  • Schemes of Arrangement: The relative attractions of alternative restructuring tools
  • Provisional liquidations: Kill or cure?
  • Frances Coulson: Her view of her recent experience at the Treasury Select Committee
  • The doctor will see you now: Ian Gray examines the development of turnaround
  • Smaller Practices Group: Tips for the ultimate in self-regulation
  • Interview with Anne Willcocks: external affairs director at The Insolvency Service
Summer 2014
Recovery Summer 2014
  • Managing credit unions in distress and insolvency: The high profile and politically sensitive intricacies of the credit union movement
  • Trusts in special administration: The case of Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust
  • A starter for ten: What to consider when taking on a student accommodation insolvency case
  • Technical update: The EU recommendations for national restructuring regimes
  • Getting the message across: Why lobbying MPs and journalists is important
  • Striking home the right message
  • A background to dealing in the black stuff: The intricacies of Scottish Coal's insolvency
  • Interview with Giles Frampton: The new R3 president on doing the right thing, protecting his profession and what would happen if there were no IPs                                                               
Spring 2014
Recovery Spring 2014
  • Technical update: The court's consideration of a trustee in bankruptcy's remuneration
  • Navigating the PI marketplace: Why professional indemnity insurance should be more a relief than an obligation
  • When firms need intensive care: A subject causing concern in the legal profession
  • Tips to survive and prosper in 2014: A solicitor's perspective on insolvent law firms
  • Limited Liability Partnerships: Is the LLP as safe for members as is assumed?
  • The proprietary claim minefield: The potential for problems and tips to avoid liability for conversion
  • Interview with Teresa Graham: on pre-packs, why she wants information, not data and getting value for creditiors
  • Plus Careers and Professional Development Supplement: JIEB 2013 examination results
Recovery Supplement 2014
  • JIEB examination results
  • Career progress - Former JIEB award winners talk about their careers and offer tips for success
  • The world of litigation made easy
  • Book review
  • Viewpoint from the new chair of the JIEB, Stephen Allinson

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