Back issues 2013

Winter 2013
Recovery Winter 2013
  • Insolvency litigation funding: The opportunities and pitfalls
  • Conflict in the pursuit of conflict: Handling disagreements in litigation strategy
  • Gender equality in the insolvency profession: Female representation is not about nice graphs
  • Piercing the corporate veil: A doctrine or a principle?
  • A winter's tale: Debt and bankruptcy in the 19th century novel
  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Borrowing from Bowie in a period of considerable upheaval
  • Interview with: The head of IP regulation at The Insolvency Service Nick Howard on regulation and reform in insolvency practice
Autumn 2013
Recovery Autumn 2013
  • Maximising recovery in real estate: Restructuring and reducing property portfolios
  • Conflicting interests? Administrations, banks and mis-sold interest rate hedges
  • Legal firms: The next bubble to burst?
  • Zombies stagger on: What risk to jobs and businesses?
  • Nortel overturned: Common sense prevails
  • Interview with: Elaine Kempson
Summer 2013
Recovery Summer 2013
  • Opinion: Jon Moulton, Shay Lettice and Alan Hudson give a snapshot of the insolvency industry
  • TUPE Rescue, not liquidation: the courts and confusion
  • Explaining the complexities of administration
  • Economic downturn: Is Britain going south?
  • Adapt and survive: How demand for IP services is evolving
  • Interview with:  Dr Richard Judge, the new head of The Insolvency Service
  • Outside looking in: How Whitehall and Westminster see the insolvency profession
  • New blood:  Why young lawyers should think about insolvency practice
  • Plus: Legal update, Smaller Practices Group
Spring 2013
Recovery Spring 2013
  • Carbon credits and missing trader scams: Beware the fraudsters
  • Energy supply companies: New procedures in the energy sector
  • Floods and failing businesses: How IPs can claim from insurance
  • After the storm: Lee Manning on our high streets
  • Insolvency, bankruptcy and the Baltic region: Economic stability in Eastern Europe
  • Interview with: Toby Perkins shadow minister for small business
  • Plus: Legal update, Smaller Practices Group
Recovery Supplement 2013
Recovery Supplement 2013
  • JIEB examination results
  • Career progress - Former JIEB award winners talk about their careers and offer tips for success
  • R3 Education, courses and conferences committee

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