Back issues 2012

Winter 2012
  • The bankruptcy of Asil Nadir: There are still questions to be answered
  • Treading on eggshells: mental incapacity issues in bankruptcy - The pitfalls of dealing with bankrupts in this difficult situation
  • Making sense of the personal insolvency statistics: A look at the statistics and underlying trends
  • Reinventing Spain: Is the sun gonna shine anymore?
  • Interview with: Pat Boyden
  • Plus: Legal update, R3 matters, book review
Autumn 2012
Recovery Autumn 2012
  • Why transparency matters: Additional information required under the latest version of SIP 9
  • Zombie companies: What a drag… how IPs can break the cycle of ‘no returns’?
  • The value of the Insolvency Industry:  UK v. The World - Speedier returns to creditors will boost the economy
  • Merchant acquirers: more stakeholders! What are they? Why should you talk to them?
  • The football creditor rule and unsecured creditors: Should FCs with unsustainable costs pay a deposit?
  • Plus: Legal update, R3 matters, book reviews
Summer 2012
Recovery Summer 2012
  • An IP's guide to cross-border insolvency: When in Rome…
  • The 'Investment Bank' Special Administration: SAR explained in the context of MFG UK
  • The Stanford saga: cross-border insolvency and restraint proceedings collide - Preserving assets for creditors in different jurisdictions
  • Focus on Scotland: Skirmishes north of the border
  • Interview with: Lee Manning
  • Plus: Legal update, R3 Policy Group              
Spring 2012
Recovery Spring 2012
  • The changing face of retail: How to make offerings sustainable
  • Have retail CVAs been left on the shelf? Are they past their sell-by date?
  • Retailers: how to respond to cash-flow challenges -Advice on improving retail performance 
  • Sunny places for shady bankrupts: what to do with an asset in Spain - The practical difficulty of realising assets in Spain
  • Different treatment for different bankrupts? Is it time for a change?
  • Interview with: Philip King, ICM
  • Plus: Legal update, Smaller Practices Group
Recovery Supplement 2012
  • JIEB examination results
  • Career progress - the 2010 JIEB winners
  • R3 Education, courses and conferences committee
  • Marketing for minnows

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