Back issues 2011

Winter 2011
Recovery Winter 2011
  • Selling a professional practice firm: How to retain value
  • A CEO’s perspective of a professional services firm: What makes – or breaks – a professional services firm
  • Energy providers: villains or victims? Look at it my way…
  • Finding the pensions solution: Are there alternatives to the thorny issue of pensions in restructurings?
  • Interview with Andy Slaughter MP: His work on the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill
  • Plus: Legal update Policy Discussion Groups SPG
Autumn 2011
Recovery Autumn 2011
  • What is intellectual property? An outline of what constitutes IP
  • Putting a price on intellectual property: Approaches to identifying the potential value of IP
  • Why the football creditor rule should learn to play fair: How the football creditor rule is failing the game instead of protecting it
  • Independent Insurance Company Limited: The consequences of not following the collective redundancy process
  • A German ‘Wirtschaftswunder’? Can the current German economic trend continue?
  • Plus: Legal update, Smaller Practices Group, Stakeholder Audit – JIEB
Summer 2011
Recovery Summer 2011
  • Death by a thousand cuts: What the public spending cuts mean for charities
  • TPR’s approach to the Nortel/Lehman judgment: The Pensions Regulator appreciates the need to have an effective rescue culture
  • Interview with Adrian Bailey, MP: The work of the BIS Select Committee
  • Re Capitol Films: Administrators must carefully consider which group of creditors’ interests they are serving
  • Pre-packs: a legitimate means to phoenix an insolvent company - Comparison between UK, US and other jurisdictions
  • Plus: Legal update; Holding Rescue to Ransom campaign
Spring 2011
Recovery Spring 2011
  • Bankruptcy tourism: the not-so-accidental tourists: The adventures of bankruptcy tourism in the UK
  • Coming back to COMI: COMI in different jurisdictions
  • Dealing with employees in crossborder EU insolvency proceedings: Practical advice
  • The East: the new Wild West -The challenges for international investors in Asia
  • Lessons to be learned from the Super Aguri case: Administrators beware – and prepare!
  • Interview: Chris Laughton, president of INSOL Europe
  • Plus: Legal update, Economic snapshot: Eastern Region


Recovery Supplement 2011
  • JIEB examination results
  • Training needs of the insolvency sector



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