Winter 2018
  • The great reformation: corporate insolvency The government’s latest proposals are not all ‘legislation ready’. What can we expect for the years ahead?
  • Further education administrations: the school of hard knocks? There are tough times ahead for further education providers, and a new administration regime has been introduced to meet them
  • The post-Brexit cross-border world; a Franco-English comparison In a hypothetical post-Brexit world, two lawyers question each other on how England and France will handle their counterpart’s insolvency proceedings 
  • An interview with… R3 CEO Emma Lovell R3’s first female CEO is overhauling the association to meet the future head on and get more for members.



Autumn 2018
  • Intangible riches, tangible risks: IPRs Most businesses will license or own intellectual property rights. How can you make the most of these intangible riches?
  • Fahrenheit GDPR – data destruction Non-compliance with GDPR carries tough penalties. Find out how you should destroy, and record the destruction of, different types of data
  • Knowledge is your shield from online fraud Fraud is a crime that can actually be prevented by knowing about it. The Met offers guidance on staying safe online
  • Pre-packs: best practice makes perfect The code of ethics is there for a reason. Read up on best practice for this somewhat controversial procedure
Summer 2018
  • Whether to follow the smoking gun: litigation You think you’ve got a cast-iron case, but is it always worth chasing with litigation?
  • How small firms can face up to bigger challenges in court Advice for smaller firms that need to navigate the country’s struggling court system from R3’s Smaller Practices Group
  • Transatlantic court-ing behaviour: the US v. the UK A look at the involvement of the courts in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and how it compares with administration
  • Monarch: the aerodynamics of an airline insolvency An administration that started at 4.00 am one Monday, later involved the repatriation of 80,000 people and is causing the government to rethink airline insolvency
  • A leap forward for law AI Predictive coding for disclosures has now been used through to full trial. What does this mean for the future?
Spring 2018
  • Pre-packs - patronus or dementos? Ahead of the government review, are pre-packs closer to the light of the dark?
  • Riding the roads of disruption: The gig economy is changing how we think about workers, and restructuring professionals can benefit
  • The Insolvency Express Trials Pilot – use it or lose it! Find out which cases are eligible for the scheme and act to make your voice heard
  • An interview with…Chief Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Nicholas Briggs The official for the Insolvency Court speaks to RECOVERY on the essential matters affecting the profession and the judiciary
  • Shaking up the profession: 2017 A breakdown of a year full of change for the insolvency profession
  • Careers development The JIEB examination results 2017
  • The blight of rogue advisers: What can the legitimate insolvency profession do to fight the flood of false agents?