Policy Group

The aim of R3’s Policy Group is to provide insight and recommendations into the UK and EU insolvency public policy landscape. Whether it’s responding to government proposals or putting forward its own ideas on how to make the UK’s insolvency regime stronger and more transparent, the group plays a key role in shaping R3’s position on public policy issues.

R3’s Policy Group has been successful on a number of occasions in achieving positive legislative change for the insolvency landscape, most notably through its ‘Holding Rescue to Ransom’ campaign, which will see around 2,000 more businesses rescued a year.

The broad range of insolvency policy issues means membership of the group is representative of the whole insolvency profession, from accountants to lawyers and practitioners in small, medium and large firms. 

Policy Group


R3’s policy and research team can be contacted using the details below:

James Jeffreys
Public Affairs Manager
T: 020 7566 4220
M: 07917 336 096
Mira Lodhia
Policy Executive
T: 020 7566 4202