Emma Lovell

Chief Executive Officer

Emma was appointed Chief Executive Officer at R3 in January 2018. She is a member of the R3 Executive, and works closely with R3 Council, R3’s members and wider stakeholders, including the Insolvency Service, government departments and the insolvency Regulatory Professional Bodies. 

Prior to her appointment as CEO, Emma was interim Chief Operating Officer and a Director at R3 with responsibility for its Smaller Practices Group; the R3 regional network linking the R3 centre with its 10 local networks; personal insolvency policy development; and wider operational and management matters for the Association.

Prior to joining R3, Emma worked in law firms on the south coast and in London, as well as working for a number of years at The Insolvency Service. 

Outside of work, Emma enjoys Thai boxing, snowboarding, mountain biking, reading and travelling.