Elizabeth Pywowarczuk

"As more and more individuals and companies face potential insolvency our profession will come under even more criticism with regards to fees and pre-packs. It is therefore important that the public are made more aware of the vital role we play in assisting those in financial difficulty and ensuring that everybody concerned gets the best result from a bad situation.

As well as educating the public we also need to continue to lobby government to ensure that the law keeps up to date with recent judgements and other developments within our society so as to ensure that business’ and individuals can be sure of a ‘fresh start’ and the spirit of pari passu is maintained."

Elizabeth Pywowarczuk is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and director of Liberta Financial Ltd and specialises in personal insolvency.

She started working in insolvency in 1996 for Shaws Insolvency Services (now Payplan). She qualified as an insolvency practitioner in 2004 and after working for three years for The Debt People, set up Liberta Financial in 2008.

One of the most interesting cases she worked on involved an IVA proposal for a songwriter, the offer to creditors being based solely on a proportion of the box office takings from a West End musical. The proposals were accepted by the creditors.

As a member of R3’s Smaller Practices Group (SPG) Committee she is keen to give a voice to the concerns of the small practitioners and ensure that they are provided with the guidance and technical support which are naturally enjoyed by those working in larger firms.

In her spare time, which is sadly limited, she enjoys skiing and sailing. Elizabeth also loves to cook and share good food and wine with friends and family.