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Independent Trustee Services

Following the positive response we have received from the Insolvency Profession on our "SchemeAssist" web site for members of Final salary schemes where the employer has entered an insolvency procedure we have launched a web site designed to give IP's access to insolvency related pension information as well as easy access for pension queries and technical support

The Gazette

The Gazette is the official journal of the Crown and publishes business-critical information, of which Insolvency is one relevant service-specific area of interest. It provides sector-related guides, industry news and other useful resources encouraging users to tailor searches and retain and repurpose material to specific requirements.

Insolvency Practices Council

The Insolvency Practices Council (IPC) was set up as a public-interest body with a remit to look at ethical and professional standards of the insolvency profession and to make recommendations for change if appropriate.

The IPC closed in 2001. Details of its work can be found on its website.


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"R3 was instrumental in gaining government agreement to important changes to the Pensions Act 2004."