Mike Pavitt

Mike is an experienced, driven insolvency lawyer who takes genuine delight in helping clients achieve their objectives. Clients come to Mike because he is a true specialist, but he hopes they also find him friendly and accessible, which he considers no less important when dealing with adversity. Formerly regional (South Coast and Thames Valley) head of insolvency at (what is now) Blake Morgan, Mike joined Paris Smith LLP (a full service and extremely well established lawfirm based in Southampton and Winchester) in 2011 to lead the firm’s Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency team, a role which involves both technical and contentious insolvency work. Having enjoyed an exclusively insolvency-based caseload now for more than 15 years, he is one of the most experienced insolvency lawyers in the Southern region, and remains completely engaged with the work at all times because of its incredible variety, both domestic and cross-border.

As a solicitor, Mike's practice is as broad as the range of situations in which business and individuals find themselves affected by – actual or potential – insolvency. Clients helped by his team accordingly range from (regional and national) qualified insolvency practitioner accountants to major corporates concerned about a supply chain, right through to individuals worried about the impact of an impending bankruptcy on their homes or other assets. He makes every effort to provide to each client the clear focus and urgent attention they require.

Mike took up the Chairman's reins for the Southern region in December 2016, since which time he has been mainly championing the causes of spreading the word as to the value of the insolvency profession as a whole across the wider economy, and reinstating a (bigger and better) R3 Southern Area Conference, which will take place in Bournemouth in September 2017. Mike is backed by a very strong committee of 16 members and is particularly grateful for the hard work and dedication of the Thames Valley Sub-Committee, who put on superb value and informative events for members in the northern half of the region. With Southampton and Reading acting as the main centres for R3 activities in the region, Mike hops to meet the needs and expectations of as many members and partner groups as possible.