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R3 is the trade association for the UK’s insolvency, restructuring, advisory, and turnaround professionals. We represent insolvency practitioners, lawyers, turnaround and restructuring experts, students, and others in the profession.

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The role of the UK’s world class insolvency framework in building the government’s Industrial Strategy (April 2017)
R3 response to government industrial strategy consultation April 2017 - Size: 1998Kb Download
Insolvency 2020: R3 manifesto for the 2015 General Election

The 2010 General Election was a turning point for the UK’s insolvency landscape: following financial crisis and recession, corporate insolvencies hit a near-twenty year peak the year before the election, while personal insolvencies hit their record high in the months before polling day. Since then, insolvencies have fallen every year. But with May 2015 fast approaching, the sense is that things might be about to turn again.  

Insolvency 2020 A vision for the next Parliament R3 manifesto for the 2015 General Election - Size: 575Kb Download
Women in insolvency and promoting the profession

‘Diversity’ as a business issue is all too often misconstrued as being all about image or about being ‘nice’ to under-represented groups. But diversity isn’t just PR puff: by taking diversity seriously, businesses can really benefit. It’s about bottom lines, not headlines.

R3 Women in Insolvency D4 - Size: 1704Kb Download
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