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  1. 26/09/2017

    R3’s UK personal finances bulletin – September 2017

    Two-fifths (41%) of British adults are at least fairly worried about their current level of debt, while a similar proportion (40%) say they sometimes or often struggle to… Read more

  2. 04/09/2017

    Government right to look into insolvency bonding – R3

    Following the government’s publication of plans to revise bonding requirements for the insolvency profession, Adrian Hyde, President of… Read more

  3. 22/08/2017

    Government adopts ‘encouraging’ approach to post-Brexit cross-border insolvencies

    Commenting on the government’s position paper on post-Brexit civil judicial co-operation – which states that the government will seek to “[reflect]… Read more

  4. 28/07/2017

    Sharp drops in underlying corporate and personal insolvencies in Q2 2017

    Commenting on the Q2 2017 England & Wales insolvency statistics (published this morning by the Insolvency Service), Adrian Hyde, president of insolvency and… Read more

  5. 26/07/2017

    R3 comments on the Scottish Insolvency Statistics, Q1 2017-­18

    Commenting on the Scottish Insolvency Statistics, April to June 2017 (Q1 2017-­18), Tim Cooper, Chair of R3 in Scotland, the insolvency trade body says: Personal… Read more

  6. 13/07/2017

    Women, coastal towns and North East have the highest rates of insolvency – R3 comments on 2016 statistics

    The government’s latest insolvency statistics show that women continue to be more likely than men to enter an insolvency procedure and that insolvencies are most… Read more

  7. 05/07/2017

    New Single Financial Guidance Body a positive step forward for debt and money advice – R3

    The creation of a Single Financial Guidance Body could help break down barriers stopping indebted individuals from receiving free and impartial advice, says insolvency… Read more

  8. 27/06/2017

    Concern about personal debt levels has fallen – R3 comment

    Responding to the publication by the Office for National Statistics of preliminary results from its Wealth and Assets Survey, Andrew Tate of insolvency and restructuring… Read more

  9. 21/06/2017

    Much-needed business rescue reforms placed in doubt by Queen's Speech

    The government must not neglect its business rescue reform plans as it prepares for Brexit, says insolvency and restructuring trade body, R3. Plans to introduce the… Read more

  10. 05/06/2017

    One-in-25 UK businesses unable to repay debts if interest rates go up

    79,000 UK businesses (4%) say they would be unable to repay their debts if interests were to rise by a small amount – almost four times the 20,000 businesses in… Read more

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