Insolvency Litigation – Effective strategies to maximise recoveries

DVD training course information: What will you learn?

This training course DVD will provide practitioners with an essential update on relevant changes within insolvency litigation. The DVD will cover the key topical developments and trends that have emerged over recent months and will aim to help practitioners to maximise recoveries cost effectively.

DVD overview

Topics covered in this DVD include:

> Legal update – key recent developments
> Dealing with the regulators
> Litigation costs and funding – some key developments
> Overcoming limitations - a practical guide to the limitation period issues that arise in the context of insolvency litigation
> Insolvency litigation from the IP’s perspective – stories from the front line
> How to collect in the information to ascertain whether you have a case? How do you protect documents from destruction and assets from dissipation?
> The insolvency landscape – a perspective from HM Revenue & Customs

Who is this training DVD aimed at?
This DVD is aimed at IPs, lawyers and bankers who have a good working knowledge of insolvency litigation practice and procedure