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  1. 27/07/2018

    Q2 2018 insolvency statistics – R3 comments

    Commenting on the Q2 2018 (April-June) England & Wales insolvency statistics (published this morning by the Insolvency Service), Stuart Frith, president of insolvency… Read more

  2. 25/07/2018

    Scottish Insolvency Statistics (Apr-Jun 2018): Comment from R3

    Commenting on the Accountant in Bankruptcy’s corporate and personal insolvency statistics for the period April to June 2018 (Q1 2018-­19), Tim Cooper, Chair of… Read more

  3. 16/07/2018

    R3's letter to the editor of the Financial Times on how the insolvency profession tackles fraud

    Dear Sir, John Gapper’s article, ‘The ship tycoon, the con men and a €100m scam’, highlights the positive impact the insolvency profession and… Read more

  4. 13/07/2018

    Women and seaside towns again see most personal insolvencies – R3 comments on 2017 statistics

    A higher percentage of women than men in England and Wales entered insolvency in 2017, continuing the trend of recent years, says insolvency trade body R3, commenting on… Read more

  5. 12/07/2018

    Brexit White Paper plans on insolvency are welcome – R3

    Commenting on the Government’s Brexit White Paper, published earlier today, Duncan Swift, vice-president of insolvency and restructuring trade body R3, says: … Read more

  6. 10/07/2018

    1 in 5 British adults has had an outstanding credit card balance for at least six months

    One-in-five (22%) British adults have had an outstanding credit card balance for at least six months, including the 4% of British adults who have had an outstanding… Read more

  7. 09/07/2018

    R3’s UK personal finances bulletin – July 2018

    A third (34%) of British adults are at least fairly worried about their current level of debt, while the same proportion (34%) say they sometimes or often struggle to… Read more

  8. 26/06/2018

    One in four UK companies hit by domino effect of another company’s insolvency in last six months

    Over a quarter (26%) of UK companies have suffered a hit to their finances following the insolvency of a customer, supplier or debtor in the last six months, according to… Read more

  9. 14/06/2018

    Corporate governance and insolvency proposals would undermine UK plc

    Commenting on the recently closed Government consultation on corporate governance and insolvency, Stuart Frith, president of insolvency and restructuring trade body R3,… Read more

  10. 29/05/2018

    CVA reforms needed, says insolvency and restructuring profession

    Reforms should be made to improve the effectiveness of Company Voluntary Arrangements, a common High Street insolvency procedure, according to research commissioned by… Read more

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