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Tony and Jen O’Neill - Nutritionists and wellbeing experts

Caroline SumnerTony and Jen O’Neill 
Nutritionists and wellbeing experts

Tony is a personal trainer, nutritionist and sport boffin and Jen is a baking nerd, nutritionist and health writer.

Much like Romeo and Juliet we were brought together by chicken breasts and egg whites! Jen was doing a bit of undercover journalism work into the world of bodybuilding and Tony was the personal trainer. Together through months of fake tan, squats and sardines we forged a lasting relationship. We built our relationship in Belfast, Northern Ireland and eventually took it on the road to Melbourne, Asia and London. It was on this road trip that our love for all things healthy really exploded. With a world of foodie possibilities on our doorstep we soon started experimenting with all kinds of weird and wonderful diet and lifestyle protocols. As Tony had just completed a masters in nutrition there was plenty to play with. With all this information floating around in our heads we are now ready to share. Together we want to help you live life ‘The Healthy Way’ As a couple of nutritionists and food lovers, we are obsessed with finding the best quality food and coffee to help us live the best lives. This cafe is the result of all our tastings, slurpings, travels and knowledge, with the help of few creative cheffy brains!

19 September 2023

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