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Penny Power OBE
Entrepeneur - Ecademy, The Business Cafe

With the experience and knowledge Penny holds from 35 years of business, the desire she has to make a change in business culture and leadership and the passion and purpose she has to help business people, she is now working on building a new type of business space called “The Business Cafe’. While doing this and seeking the right people to work with, she is also Speaking, Consulting, Coaching and Writing.

Her purpose and vision was recognised by the Queen in 2014. The citation read “for contribution to entrepreneurship in the Social Digital Economy“.

In 1998 she created the first business online community, Ecademy. For 14 years she led the most amazing culture of friendship in business with the same passion and purpose she started it with, “to be friends in business”. Globally, in 52 countries Ecademy connected business people to one another using the power of blogging, community, events and the culture of “friendship first”. 

Her first love is her family, Thomas who she married in 1990 and her three children, Hannah, Ross and TJ. 

25 January 2023

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