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Claire Entwistle - The Insolvency Service

Claire Entwistle

Claire Entwistle, FCPFA

Assistant Director Investigations and Enforcement North – The Insolvency Service

Claire is an Assistant Director in Investigation and Enforcement Directorate for for The Insolvency Service responsible for most civil and criminal investigations conducted by The Insolvency Service in the North. She was interim Director from June 2021 to March 2022. She has nearly 30 years  civil investigation experience including as a Deputy Inspector of Companies in the DTI and as the Agency Lead for Civil investigations including overseeing the  investigation into the conduct of the Directors after the collapse of BHS. Prior to that she was a Principal Auditor with The National Audit Office and was a member of the Disciplinary Panel of The Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants for 8 years, a regular contributor to the Police National Fraud Course and was part of a UK/French delegation assessing USA compliance with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. She is a former secretary of the Association of Law Enforcement Forensic Accountants (ALEFA) and a member of Government Counter Fraud Profession Board.

27 April 2022

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