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Bill Burch - Compliance On Call

Bill Burch
Compliance On Call

Bill joined OR Gloucester as an insolvency examiner in 1993 and moved to ACCA as a compliance officer in 2002.  He left to set up Compliance On Call in 2005, and poached his former boss, Gareth to join him.  Compliance On Call specialise in insolvency compliance for smaller firms, and their hugely successful document packs appeared just in time to help demystify the New Rules.  Bill is a Fellow of ACCA and R3, and a Member of the IPA, having passed his JIEB in 2007.  As a workaholic with a wife and three daughters, spare time is at a premium, but in the odd quiet moment he will usually be found on a golf course or listening to country music.     

08 November 2021

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