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Mark Sands - Apex Litigation Finance

Mark Sands

Mark Sands
Head of Insolvency, Apex Litigation Finance

Mark is a licensed insolvency practitioner with more than 35 years' experience. He currently specialises in personal and contentious insolvency with recent cases involving advising professionals and entrepreneurs and investigating assets transferred by bankrupts to family members. He works with creditors to identify how best to recover their debts from insolvent individuals and companies, especially where assets have been hidden or moved beyond the reach of creditors. Mark focuses on building strong cases so litigation can be avoided and settlements reached which benefit the creditors. Mark also acts for debtors where he uses his experience of acting for creditors to guide them through negotiations with their creditors.

Mark is a keen philatelist, who spends his holidays supporting the post offices of the world by sending postcards – a record 41 may one day be beaten once the Covid restrictions on travel are lifted.  Mark is a great fan of Spike Milligan (he owns all six of his war diary trilogy) but his colleagues find his jokes are not quite up to Spike’s standard.

09 April 2021

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