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Dominic Dumville

Dominic Dumville
Partner, Mercer & Hole

Dominic is a licenced insolvency practitioner, qualified accountant and corporate finance professional. Whilst he concentrates on supporting distressed businesses, his background equips him with the ability to fully appreciate and understand the bigger picture.

When working with businesses facing financial struggles, Dominic enjoys the challenge of finding a solution that is acceptable for all, often competing, stakeholders.  This might involve a formal insolvency process, or a restructuring of some sort. There are also cases where Dominic takes on a more forensic role in the recovery of previously unidentified assets to the benefit of creditors, leaning on powers afforded to insolvency practitioners in the Insolvency Act.

Dominic enjoys the aspects of his role where every day is different and no two cases are the same. He likes people and thrives on problem solving. Thus, he takes great satisfaction from decisively finding a way forward for distressed businesses and leading his clients through a process, relieving them of much of that pressure.

Dominic joined Mercer & Hole as a partner in 2020. Prior to this, he was an insolvency partner at Haslers, who he joined whilst training from GLS. After qualifying as an accountant, Dominic moved into corporate finance before taking a management role in insolvency investigations. He completed the Joint Insolvency Examination Board (JIEB) exams and became a licensed insolvency practitioner in 2015.

05 March 2021

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