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International Women's Day

VIRTUAL EVENT - A free-to-member virtual event to celebrate International Women’s Day brought to you by the R3 Women's Group committee from the London & SE


This is a virtual event to celebrate International Women's Day brought to you by the R3 Women's Group committee from the London & SE where we can come together as a profession to hear from our speaker, Pippa Malmgren, as she shares her thoughts on the economy post-COVID-19. 

Pippa Malmgren is an economist and an award-winning author who served President GW Bush in the White House and on the National Economic Council. She is focused on simple sensemaking of the world economy and all its complexities. Pippa won both the 2019 Business Book of the Year for The Leadership Lab and the 2020 Independent Press Award. She has been named a leading Woman in Tech by We Are Tech Women and the top 50 Women in Tech by AccelerateHer.

As this event is virtual, all are welcome to attend with the virtual event being free-to-members and a charge of £10 +VAT for Non-Members. 


09:00 Chair Introduction 
09:10 Sponsor Message: BDO
09:20 Speaker: Pippa Malgmren
10:20 Closing Remarks

A big thanks to our Sponsor: 

Membership Category Price Excluding VAT
Member FREE
Non-Member £10



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