Succession Planning


This informative webinar took place on 22 January 2014 - view it online for £35 + VAT

Topics to be covered

• Insolvency Guidance Paper on succession planning

• Court process and procedures, in outline

• Problems and pitfalls of the block transfer process

• What should be included in a block transfer Court Order

• Post transfer reporting obligations of the retiring/leaving IP and the successor IP

• Actions required by the retiring/leaving IP

• Actions required by the successor IP

• Differences where they are joint appointments within the same practice

• Differences between pre and post April 2010 cases

• Issues arising where the block transfer order involves a transfer of cases between different practices

Speaker: Gareth Limb, Compliance On Call

How to register:

Email  with your details or download the brochure and send it to R3. 

Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £35 + VAT