SIP 9 Compliance




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SIP 9 is one of the key SIPs for insolvency practitioners, and it is also the one that seems to cause them most problems with their regulators. This webinar will provide an analysis of SIP 9 and what steps you should take to ensure that you always comply with its requirements.

Gareth Limb deals with areas relevant for insolvency practitioners working on cases of all sizes and covering the whole of SIP 9 for England and Wales, including:

• An analysis of the key principles

• The approach required to complying with a SIP based on principles rather than one setting out prescriptive actions

• The interaction with the Insolvency Code of Ethics and the insolvency legislation

• Information to be provided when seeking to fix the basis of remuneration

• Information to be provided when reporting on remuneration drawn

• Pre-appointment costs and expenses

• Category 2 disbursements


This informative webinar took place in September 2012 but you can register to watch the recording for £30 + VAT.

Email or complete the booking form. You will receive:

  • A comprehensive update on SIP 9 Compliance
  • Detailed notes
  • Presentation slides
  • 1 CPE