SIP 7 Compliance


Joanne Harris, JOH Consultancy, will discuss areas relevant for insolvency practitioners working on cases of all sizes and covering the whole of SIP 7 for England and Wales, including:

• An overview of the requirements of SIP 7
• Exploring the changes specifically introduced by the new SIP 7
• The approach required to make the transition from prescriptive SIPs to principles based SIPs
• The interaction of the SIP with the new legislation introduced by the Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010
• Case type specific requirements for the presentation of financial information
• The requirement for providing a trading account and how this should be presented
• The overlap between the new SIP 7 and 9

How to register:

Email  with your details or download the brochure and send it to R3. 

Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £35 + VAT
CPD: 1 hour accrediation