SIP 3 Practical and Compliance Issues


This informative webinar took place in June 2014, register to watch the recording £45 + VAT

SIP 3 has been re-written. The “new” and “updated” version puts greater emphasis on the insolvency practitioner, to document, explain and to be satisfied that a voluntary arrangement is achievable and a fair balance. The onus has changed with the insolvency practitioner taking greater responsibility. 
This webinar sets out the principles and key compliance standards of the revised SIP. Given both Colin and Joanne’s background, there will also be feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly from their own compliance experience.
Topics to be covered include:
• The new SIP3.1 & SIP3.2 – effective 1 July 2014
• What has changed?
• Practical issues – including documentation
• Compliance issues – problems and pitfalls

Speakers: Colin Raeside and Joanne Quinn, Nova Consultants Ltd

How to register:

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Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £45 + VAT
Terms and Conditions: The webinar fee of £45 + VAT is based on one delegate viewing. In the event that the number changes, R3 should be notified and additional payment will be required.