SIP 2 Compliance


Michelle Butler discusses areas relevant for insolvency practitioners working on cases of all sizes and covering the whole of SIP 2 for England and Wales, including:

  • The purpose of SIP 2: finding assets or CDDA reporting?
  • The interaction of SIP 2 with the R3 Guidance: what is required practice?
  • Putting the central principles into practice: proportionality and transparency
  • Steps expected on all administrations and liquidations
  • How to gather information and for what purpose
  •  What is an initial assessment?
  •  What further steps should be considered and why

This informative webinar took place in June 2013 but you can register to watch the recording for £35 + VAT.

Email or complete the booking form and send it to R3. You will receive: 

  • A comprehensive overview of SIP 2 Compliance 
  • Presentation slides
  • 1 CPE

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £35 + VAT

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