Report Writing


Reports are the principal interface between IPs and creditors and so need to meet legislative and SIP requirements as regards to content whilst also meeting the needs of creditors.

Gareth Limb will look at the various issues an insolvency practitioner needs to consider when preparing a report to

creditors and provide some practical suggestions on how to improve reports, including:

• A look at the statutory framework and the purpose of reports

• A brief look at the effect of the requirements of SIPs 2, 7 and 9 on the contents of reports

• The impact of the Insolvency Code of Ethics and the requirement to be transparent

• The expectations of the different stakeholders and how to deal with them

• Confidentiality and commercial considerations vs. transparency

• Report templates and how best to use them

This informative webinar took place in October 2013 but you can register to watch the recording for £35 + VAT.


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Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £35 + VAT