Insolvency Procedures in Jersey


This informative webinar took place in March 2014, to view it - register for £45 + VAT

Most insolvency professionals will appreciate that Jersey has a separate and distinct legal system to that of the UK, but many will be surprised to learn the actual scope and nature of those differences. Derived from a Norman Customary Law, Jersey's laws are heavily influenced by their French ancestry and even where English Statutes have been poached, as happened with Companies' legislation; there are fundamental differences in the insolvency law environment.

Jeremy and Marcus will provide a guide to the basic Jersey legal processes that are relevant to insolvency professionals dealing with the assets of Jersey domiciled companies, trusts and individuals.

These will cover:

• Winding up solvent and insolvent Jersey companies

• Désastre, a Jersey species of bankruptcy for companies and individuals

• Schemes of Arrangement

• How to deal with insolvent trusts

They will also identify the holes in the legal frameworks and how the processes available can be imaginatively employed to provide a modern rescue jurisdiction.

Speakers: Jeremy Garrood and Marcus Pallot, Carey Olsen

How to register:

Email  with your details or download the brochure and send it to R3.

Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £45 + VAT