Alternatives to Pre-Packs


John Cullen looks at the options and issues an insolvency practitioner needs to consider. Whilst the main focus will be on sales back to the owners or managers, third-party transactions will also be explored.

Areas covered include:

• Why a pre-pack may not be the best option

• What alternatives are available

• When a company voluntary arrangement may be the best option

• What a creditors' voluntary liquidation can achieve in difficult circumstances

• Disclosure - managing creditors' expectations including SIP16 and SIP13

• The creditors' committee and how it can assist

This informative webinar took place in October 2013 but you can register to watch the recording for £35 + VAT.

How to register:

Email  with your details or download the brochure and send it to R3. 

Webinar details:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £35 + VAT