An Introduction to Mediation for Office Holders

An Introduction to Mediation for Office Holders

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An Introduction to Mediation for Office Holders

Recorded in August 2019

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An overview of mediation as a process for resolving disputes without resorting to litigation

This webinar is a concise guide looking at the importance of mediation as a dispute resolution process, what it entails and why it works, with some examples of cases in which it might be helpful - presented in an approachable Q&A format.

Mediation is something most people have heard of but know relatively little about. Some practitioners may have used it in a commercial context, others may appreciate knowing more about it so they can consider the possibility of using it more thoughtfully in relation to their cases. Some IPs may not believe it can or should really apply to them and their work. Understanding more about the process and what it entails can help creative thinking as to why it might be useful and applicable in a range of circumstances, including insolvency cases.

This session will be especially relevant for those with no or limited experience of mediation but otherwise is of very general applicability and interest to IPs, solicitors and other professionals at all levels.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the difference between mediation and other forms of ADR. Appreciating what makes mediation especially suitable for some cases and gaining an insight into how the process works.


Carolyn Jones: CJ Mediation
Carolyn is a full time mediator, having been a solicitor for over 25 years. Trained as a commercial and banking litigator, Carolyn specialised in corporate and personal insolvency matters from 1996, working with a wide variety of clients undertaking transactions, disputes and complex advisory work. Carolyn has always been interested in ADR and firmly believes that there is no problem so challenging that people cannot find a way to overcome it.
Carolyn has experience as a law firm partner, the head of a substantial insolvency team, being one of her firm’s operational board members and an office managing partner, as well as a company director and mentor.  

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